We are truly privileged to provide such a wonderful school and to have the opportunity of ensuring that each student at Claridge School receives total education in their formative years.

At Claridge School, we have high expectations of our students and set challenging targets for them to achieve their learning goals. Every child is urged to achieve his or her maximum academic potential. We also recognize that every child is unique and learns at different paces.

Our staff are dedicated, hardworking, and knowledgeable. We build a culture of hard work based on having fun while learning in a safe, peaceful, and loving environment.

We are pleased to offer a varied selection of enrichment and enhancement opportunities and possess excellent links with our diverse community. We treasure our reputation as a warm, welcoming, and family-centric school.

IMG_1397 Creche
The staff at our crèche are very loving and professionals. We provide a very caring and fun environment with lots of resources to engage and entertain the children.
IMG_1361 Preschool
Inculcate in the child, the spirit of inquiry and creativity through the exploration of nature, art, music and play with toys etc.
IMG_1331 Nursery
Children learn about the world, too, exploring different people and communities, and how we can use different forms of technology in our learning
IMG_1318 Primary
Through a balanced curriculum, it is intended to provide emotional and cognitive instruction and to assist in social development.
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Joining the Claridge School community involves more than just enrolling your child in a school. Your child is a star at Claridge. The shared mission and vision of developing students’ capacity and character allows your child to achieve their full potential in life. 

Why Claridge is the Best Nursery and Primary School

We prepare the children for academic excellence at higher levels through lifelong learning.
We inculcate in the pupils, the values and attitudes such as hard work, honesty, the truth that will stand them apart from the crowd and make them useful to society while unleashing their creative and entrepreneurial skills.
We provide learning and a conducive environment with the best in the class physical infrastructure necessary for great and effective learning.
Claridge School learning structure provides the pupils with an early appreciation of environmental studies that include learning on climate change, waste management and energy conservation.
Play time is also a time to learn and communicate. We inculcate in the children the need to relate well with their peers.
We provide the children with strong basic foundation in information and communication technology.
Online Classes
Claridge Online Class is an add on teaching tool that enhances the delivery and assessment of education beyond the classroom.

Claridge School uses technology to deliver quality education.

Online Result
Students at Claridge School can check their class assessment and examination grades online with their student login details.
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Our Scope

Academic Mastery
Technology | Languages | Literacy | Music | Mathematics | Nigeria History | Geography | Creative Arts
Vintage Skills
Unplugged Entertainment | Agriculture | Handcraft | Preservation & Storage | Homemaking | ICT| Engineering | Design
21st Century Skills
Critical Thinking | Problem Analysis & Solution | Creativity & Innovation | Digital Literacy | Communication & Collaboration | Research & Enquiry | Public Speaking | Leadership
Phenomenal Self & Social Intelligence
Empathy | Service | Play | Integrity | Individuality | Respect | Resilience

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